Saturday, February 23, 2008

Long day, and nostalgia

Worked all day today, then spent some time with the nieces. Picked up the sock blockers that my father-in-law made for me for Christmas. I will need to finish some socks so that I can try them.

Finished Foliage today. It became the hat that I could not put down. Elder niece loved it, and wants one. I have the better part of half a skein left; I could probably make a scaled down hat for her. Or just give her the one that's done. It doesn't seem all that big for her. Big, yes. Huge, no. The hat doesn't have a specified recipient, and it did look cute on her. We'll see. Maybe I will try to use the remnants on a niece hat. Only problem is that if you make something for one, you have to make one for the other.

Worked on more clogs a bit, too, but not all that much. Like I said, Foliage wanted lots of attention. Brought the Baudelaire socks, but didn't touch them aside from showing off the yarn to the nieces.

On the way home, listening to WRUW (College Pop, Starts with XTC), and was thinking about life back in Athens. Thinking about the era of my life that 10am was early in the morning. I remember one day, I believe it was a Sunday morning, when I had to work at the computer lab at 10am. This would have been winter 1995. Mike and Tom went to breakfast, I think at Bob Evans. I would have gone along, but had to work. They made my day, and brought me pancakes.

Oh well. I should get back to knitting. Must make lap space for the blinky kitty. Although she will probably stay with Mike. Maybe I will tempt her with a blanket.

Still reading the same stuff as yesterday, although you can add the current issue of Utne.
Watching: Lost
Listening: WRUW indie shows

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