Sunday, February 17, 2008

Early morning at Zuzu's house

Everyone knows that Zuzu wakes me at 4am for her breakfast. Usually I can go back to sleep on the couch, and she snuggles with me after she eats. Today, Mike has a yeast starter on a stir plate in the kitchen, and it is making enough noise that I can't sleep downstairs. Went back to bed. Zuzu would have none of that. Meow, meow, meow, you shouldn't be up here says the kitty. Finally I gave in.

So it is 5:30 on a Sunday morning, and I am awake. Laptop balanced on one knee and a pillow, purring kitty on my lap. She loves blankets!

Joni Mitchell is on NPR. Found the program online, if anyone is interested.

Was thinking about our relationship yesterday. Called Mike, and our friend Chris answered. Mike was driving, and he is not a cell phone driver, so Chris took the call. They were off to Ogrefest. I'd forgotten their plans, and just gone to work. And no, I didn't need to talk to Mike. Chris did a good job of relaying the info. I'm not going to make Mike be a cell phone driver unless he wants to be... We're both independent people, and aren't threatened by the other doing their own things.

Anyway, I had a quiet evening at home yesterday. Watched "Muppets Take Manhattan", wound yarn and knitted. And went to bed at 9:30, because Zuzu wouldn't leave me alone downstairs. I have two pairs of clogs ready for felting - maybe today. Have a start on another pair. Knitted most of a hat on Friday - just need to do the crown now. I should start a list of people who want hats, as they are great museum/travel knitting. Plain stockinette is great for knitting in the dark. So... anyone want a hat? I will be using extra skeins leftover from clog making. Scary news? I ordered more yarn for clogs last night. I am running out.

I am going to start the fingerless gloves that serve as a gauge swatch for my next sweater. I do not want to wait anymore. Just need to sew the petals on Nina's daisy hat, do the crown of the pink hat (I can do those things this morning, probably before Mike wakes up), and focus on my Baudelaire socks. And clogs. But a glove should be do-able in an afternoon, so it won't distract too much. Really.

Oh! My camera came back on Friday! I can start taking pictures again! I haven't tried it yet, though, and can't move right now, due to a case of the cat. She's so snuggly!

Anyway, I should start knitting. I want to send out some packages on Tuesday, and hopefully one of those packages will be for Nina.....

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Eryn said...

Good morning! I love cat alarm clocks (read the sarcasm there). Of course, I live in a zoo, so 5:30 am is my only alone time....