Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Further explanation and productivity

Realized that I didn't explain the catnip pants in the title of my last post. Sunday night, when I was getting ready for bed, Zuzu was rolling around on a pair of my work pants that were on the floor. She was higher than she is around catnip (and we don't usually give her 'nip.). I do not know why she was so nutty, but she was showing off her kitteh belleh. (Sorry, too many lolcats have passed across the screen recently.)

Stayed home from work today. Fighting a bit of a cold, needed some sleep (slept from 4-7, then 8-10, and will go to bed early), and couldn't deal with going out in the Weather. I have had enough ice and snow this winter. I could be on my way to a museum lecture, but am wimping out of that, too, even though I should drop off more food.

Did have a slightly productive day: I made my Pratchagan square, made some chocolate-chip cookie pie for the museum luncheon tomorrow (quiche is already there; I can show up at noon and bring the dessert), and have some laundry going on right now. Wet sweaters are heavy. What else have I done? Um, not much other than sleep and Ravel.

One of the things I like about knitting is that I can look at most of my sweaters and say that I could make them. Have I? No, but I could. Especially now that I know how to do cables.

Got my Hat of Doom today. It's a lovely shade of teal, and fits perfectly. I never realized that Lamb's Pride has mohair in it. I will have to use it more often. So I am dead - time to knit with the Zombies. Although I really should concentrate on my socks. Oh, and Mike's hat. I could probably finish his hat tonight, if I tried. I still really want to start another sweater. It's probably the Weather that we have been having.

Anyway, if I really want to start a sweater, I should work on some of the other things I have going on. I need to finish Nina's hat - all that needs done is to sew on the petals, finish some clogs and some socks. Oh, I could work on my Foliage hat, but it will probably stay on the needles for a while longer, especially if I knit a sweater.

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Anonymous said...

My condolences on your death!!! I'm still living. For now. :) Hope you feel better soon. samm