Sunday, February 10, 2008

I killed someone yesterday

At least I started to. Call it Attempted Murder by Hat. I had a relatively quiet day (relative to normal workdays, actually on the busy side for my weekend job, but still lots of knitting time), which was good, as the Hat Attack pattern was released. I spent most of the day making a binary cabled hat for my target. I dropped it in the mail after work. My assassin can still get me, but my target is dead. Will she send me an unfinished hat to send to her target? I don't know. I killed her; that is all I can do at this point. We'll see how long it takes for my assassin to kill me.

I love my Zuzu. This morning, at 4:00, she was making all kinds of noise in the bedroom. Not meowing noises, but cardboardy rubbing noises, and I don't know what else. Really. I don't know what she does in the morning to make these sounds. Anyway, she is loud. Which wakes me. So I get up. To find her sitting innocently in the hallway, as if she'd been there all along, not making the racket. She is curled up on my lap right now. Love that kitty.

Yesterday must have been a violent day. I committed murder, and bit Mike. In my defense, he was poking his finger in my face. I never expected to actually bite it, let alone draw blood. I am too uncoordinated for that! Anyway, my lack of coordination caused me to get him when I wasn't really trying. He bled for a while. I feel so guilty. Is it wrong that I feel guiltier about biting him than I do about killing my target? She seems like a nice enough person, even if she does live in Texas. I am now serving my punishment for biting him, I think. I broke a nail, and my finger is bleeding. Ouch!

What else? Nearly done with Kel's clogs, but put them aside for Hat Attack. We're off (a fraction of my knitting group) to Pittsburgh today for the 4th Annual Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. Oh! I need to run to the ATM! Forgot to do that yesterday. I wonder how much cash I will need...... Anyway, they're showing up here within the next two hours. I should probably go now, so I can be as ready as possible. Yeah, I need to go.

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