Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I feel like someone is shooting at my feet, yelling, "Dance! Dance!"

Whew. It is only 11:00 am, and I have already visited all of the buildings that I support at my morning job. 4 of them. Granted, one was a "keep you in the loop" kind of visit, and another one was just a 30-second errand, but still. Four places in three hours. Luckily my last 30 minutes seem like they will be calmer. (Assuming that I didn't just jinx myself there.)

The Server That Makes Me Cry has been put on queue for replacement, which is good as it's been awful since Day 1. It is currently less than a month old. And it truly did make me cry yesterday, with its random reboots during OS reinstall and whatnot. So today is a much better day, knowing that the manufacturer is going to replace the evil thing. Let's hope that they test the replacement.

What else? Got a bit of knitting done on Monday at SNB, as well as a bit yesterday during the failed installation. Um, not much else to report since Groundhog Day, I don't think. Just wanted to share with the world that I have been busy this morning. I should go through all of my posts and tag them and whatnot. Someday. Someday, when I am all caught up with everything else. Like that will ever happen.

Oh! Zuzu has a new toy. The container from her Pounce kitty treats. There was one treat left, so I set the whole container on the floor. She carried the container around, batted it a bit, and finally pawed the inside to get that last treat out. Now she has been sniffing the can and playing with it, in the hopes of getting all the crumbs out. It's fun to watch. If my camera was still alive and not on its way to Texas for repair, I would have taken pictures. I love my silly kitty.

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Anonymous said...

Our three cats are taking turns, and fighting over, a small box that oranges came in. I put it by the heat vent in the kitchen and it's been a cat magnet! Our funny little Eloise who hears and sees things that aren't there, has been chasing her tail in the low sided box! It's hilarious! Cats are so funny, and I can just picture ZuZu with her treat can. samm