Saturday, September 15, 2007

Arrrrgh - I’m such a nerd

Tonight we went to the Lizard for dinner. I was very anxious to get home, as the Yarn Pirate was having (very limited) sign-ups for her Booty Club. Success! The openings lasted at least 75 minutes, because they started at 7:00 eastern and we got home around 8:15. I will now have sock yarn shipped to my house every month.....and that makes me happy.

As I was trying to explain to Mike why I wanted to rush home, he offered to mail me some fun sock yarn every month. Then he admitted that he doesn't even know what fun sock yarn is. I told him that he could go to any yarn store and they would happily show him, but I doubt that he'll do it. I can always hope for a surprise, though, right? Then again, I will now be receiving a package of [Yarn] Booty every month, so he doesn't need to buy me yarn. Would it be appreciated? Of course. Necessary? Not at all.


This morning was absolutely gorgeous. I left around 7:00 to drive to work, and the sky was incredible. Distinct break between clear and cloudy sky, with shades of blue, grey, and orange. It was dry near our house, but drizzled a bit once I hit the road. And before I reached the highway, I saw the most vivid rainbow I've ever seen. The colors were as bright as neon lights. It truly looked like the rainbow's end was in Macedonia, until I got closer, when it was further north. I know that all rainbows are paired, but usually the second one is very faint. The paler of the two this morning was as deep as most of the rainbows I've seen. Anyway, I really wish that I had my camera and had had time to stop.

Looking forward to listening to Chasing Infinity (also found in my friends list) tomorrow morning. I've missed catching Ed's show live for several weeks now, as my Sunday mornings have involved things other than listening to the radio. (Out of town travels, mulching, etc.) Thank goodness for the archives; I've been catching up on shows at work this week. Don't know why/how, but I really appreciate Ed's taste in music. Tomorrow I should wake up early and clean, and WRUW will be streaming while I work downstairs. Mike's brother is coming over to watch the Steelers game tomorrow, and I should clean up somewhat before he gets here. And the rest of you should stream WRUW, too. Good stuff!

Knitting update: Have not worked on Malabrigo sock 2 for a few days (but I will!) while I've been working on stripey sock 2. Did the toe outside of the museum last night before the lecture. Worked on the foot during the lecture. Since it was dark, there are a few flaws, but I think they'll be fine with a bit of weaving (or, alternatively, the flaws can be on the bottom of the foot). Worked on it a bit more at dinner.

Speaking of the lecture, it was a good time. Saw some of my Kirtlandia friends, another woman from my knitting group, and met another knitter who just happened to be sitting in front of us. Very funny - we all have the attitude, "There's another one of us!" The lecture itself was very interesting, about native plants vs. imported ornamentals, and the species they support. His theory is that biodiversity among animals is increased when there are native plants to support them. Definitely inspired me to plant more native plants. Oaks are good, as are maples, if you're looking for trees. Black-eyed susans were one of the top-10 flowers he listed, which is good as I'm planning on planting more of them. Will have to get his book once it's released. Will post it below, as another endorsement for today. Will also investigate the Native Plant Society of NEO for additional suggestions. Hope to accomplish a bit of guerrilla gardening someday to add some green to the pseudo-lawn area between our house and the next neighbor on the east side of our house. Maybe blueberries.

I guess I'm quite the consumer reporter today - I've mentioned yarn, music, a book, and plants. But does anyone care for *my* taste? Who knows. As long as I don't *discourage* sales/listeners/gardeners, I'll be happy. Oh well. It's about time to feed Zuzu her second dinner and go to bed. Today's kitty alarm clock went off at 4:00, so I'm tired.

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