Thursday, September 20, 2007

Day of the kitty

I spend my mornings Up North. And in Cleveland, you can only go so far north, because you run into the lake. As much as I try to forget it (don't know why I have a mental block - I *know* the lake is there, but I always forget that it is, particularly when driving downtown), the Lake is North. Since I was already there, I ate my lunch at a picnic table overlooking the lake. Very pleasant, even though my phone would not stop ringing. As it was a beautiful day, the park had lots of visitors. One woman had three kittens climbing all over her table, and playing in the grass in front of her. Of course I had to say hi to the kitties. Apparently they were strays, and had smelled her tuna fish for lunch, and come calling. She finally gave them her leftovers, as they would not leave her alone. I guess the mama cat had her kittens and then disappeared. So I met three kitties at lunch. I'll tell the people at City Hall; perhaps they know a rescue, as the odds are not good that the kittens will survive a snowy lakeside winter.

Yesterday afternoon, I was playing chauffeur, and waiting for my friend's kid while he ran around looking for everything that he needed. I'm waiting by my car, and I hear some meows. A kitty is hiding under their shrubs. I look at her, offer my hand, and she comes out to be petted. She has a collar and tag, so she clearly belonged to a neighbor. Oh, and I saw another cat when I was leaving.

Then I get home, of course, to my Zuzu. She's usually the only kitty I interact with, although I did catsit Bri-Bri's kitty on Saturday, and will stop in again this weekend. Oh, Zuzu was just tempted by the kitty trap but did not fall victim.

I restarted the stripey sock, but did not get very far. Working on the Royal Llama sock, and turned the heel last night when I picked up Mike. You *must* touch the sock! Met with the Cuyahoga Falls Knitting group last night; seemed like a nice group of girls.

Biggest news in my life right now: I'm in the market for a new car. Our friends at the Lusty Wrench tell me that my car needs about $500 worth of work, and that this winter would be its last. We're debating a new Civic or Corolla. I've never had a Toyota, so it will involve more test driving and whatnot. I wouldn't mind a Prius, but they don't come in manual transmission, so I don't think so. Four door, stick shift, good fuel economy, sunroof are my primary requirements. I've really gotten spoiled with a sunroof.

Zuzu is now on top of the kitty trap. Maybe I'll take some pictures, of Zuzu and my socks.

Reading chick-lit waiting for the Tori appearance. It's funny how fast the pages turn compared to other books. Read over 60 pages last night in a short time frame. Participating in the Barnes and Noble First Look Book Club, so I received a free copy of the Monsters of Templeton. It's near the top of my list, although the new Pratchett is on its way, and I requested some books from the library, and they may come first.

Going to see Martin Sexton tonight. Should be a good time.

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