Saturday, September 1, 2007

I’m a bad and dirty girl.

Well, not so dirty anymore. But I was quite dirty after working outside most of the day. Lots and lots of weeds were removed from my flowerbeds.

I was very susceptible to peer pressure today, though, and Mike's bad influence. As I was about ready to walk out the door this morning, he demanded breakfast, which delayed my departure an hour. I missed my favorite grocery store timeframe, so I skipped it until tonight. Worked outside for a bit, and then we took a long lunch break with Veronica Mars. Every time he took a break, I ended up taking a break, too. I should have worked outside more, but instead worked on the stripey sock. Even though I wasn't going to work on it until after dark, I managed to turn the heel before sunset. The stripey yarn looks lots better at the heel than the toe, although I shouldn't really complain about either, as the top of the sock is really what people see.

Anyway, showered before heading up to Trader Joe's to pick up the groceries that I did not get this morning. 30 minutes before close is usually a decent time to shop there, although it was still busier than I'd like. I wish they were open 24 hours, so I could shop before 7:00am when they'd be nearly empty. Oh well. I hate crowds. And Buicks, lately.

Zuzu just fell victim to a kitty trap. We have a papasan chair (thanks Danielle!), and it is covered with a blanket. A corner of the blanket is stretched over my knitting basket (thanks Mom!) so that she has a path under the blanket onto the chair. She just had the second half of her dinner, and crawled up onto the chair. Oh, I wish I had the life of a housecat. I'd spend my days sleeping in the sun (already one of my favorite things to do on lazy summer afternoons), playing with yarn when I feel like it, and eating the food that materializes in my dish when I stare at it long enough. Actually, I've had days that are similar to a kitty's, although I usually have to actively do something so I can eat.

Oh well, I should go back to salivating over my new sock book. So many beautiful patterns! Maybe I'll use one of the patterns for the top of the stripey sock. Or maybe not - we'll see.

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