Friday, September 7, 2007

Really, I’m not a shopper


Item 1.) We've lived in our house for just over three years now.

Item 2.) My cousin is getting married tomorrow (and forming a new family that very much resembles the Brady Bunch with two fewer kids, complete with Mike Brady architecture of bathroom between kids' bedroom, kids sharing bedrooms, and an attic [or is it basement?] room for the oldest kid to move into when he develops a need for privacy).

Item 3.) I needed to buy a dress for the wedding.

Items 2 &3 made me realize that I don't know where the nearest mall is. Strip mall, yes, indoor mall, no. I felt like such a fool, but I asked about it while exercising one day. Apparently I used to work across the street from the nearest good mall, so I'd actually been there once or twice with coworkers. And I'd heard of the others, so maybe I'm not as hopeless as I'd thought. I guess I'd figured that there was a secret mall down one of the roads that I never drive. Oh well. I bought one dress, but I still haven't decided if I'm going to keep it. Better try to find one of the non-secret malls this afternoon and look around, see if there's anything better.

Side note, every time I've wandered in to a department store (strip mall) looking for clothes, I've had a moment where I see a shirt (or other article of clothing) that looks vaguely appealing (good color, fabric, whatever) so I pull it from the rack, glance at it, and recoil, often making a repulsed sound. ("Gah!" is a favorite.) No clue if everybody else has no taste, or if I never had any to begin with and the shirts with ruffles and sequins and who knows what else are really lovely. Somebody, please, hand me a clue.


Skipped the book signing last night, as Mike needed a nurse. He had a migraine all day, so I brought him food and vitamin water. We were both dehydrated, me because I still haven't figured out how to get enough water during the day (I miss my Spaten 1L beer mug/water glass! Probably the only thing I miss about my old job, accessibility to a water cooler...) and he can explain himself elsewhere if he likes.

Worked on the malabrigo sock yesterday at home, and finished the pattern rounds. Time to turn the heel. Don't know that I like the pattern, but I *love* the yarn, so I'll definitely be working with it in the future. Perhaps more socks, but the idea of a sweater is very tempting. The pattern reminds me of slouchy socks, and while I appreciated them in the 80s, I've outgrown them (but not legwarmers). Could just be that they haven't been blocked or anything (not that I've blocked socks, at least not yet, although I have learned of sock blockers and am intrigued) and they're bulky yarn, but they look slouchy. Will post more pictures when there's more to show.

Finished Stripey Sock 1. Need to start the second, but was having difficulties for no really good reason.

Anyway, should get started on the day. Lots to do before I sleep!

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