Sunday, September 2, 2007

Endorsement of the day

Spent the morning mulching, and put a significant dent in the huge pile of mulch in the driveway. Am now taking a break while the earth moves far enough that the beds I that still need done are shaded. Just had to share that I'm using the best mulch ever - Sweet Peet. It's pricey, but definitely worth it. Very fine texture. MUUUCCH better than what I got last time. Last time, the mulch stunk, and seemed buggy. Sweet Peet is very fine, very dark, and only occasionally do I get a whiff of composted manure. Plus, it's 100% organic. (And if you look at this link, you'll see that some of that manure probably comes from the Cleveland Zoo! I wonder what exotic poop has ended up in my garden...)

It's funny, I felt dirtier yesterday after pulling weeds. Maybe sweatier today, but not quite as dirty. (Is this better exercise?) I'm still looking forward to taking a shower, though. Oh well. I should go back outside. Mike's brewing today, so I've been mulching alone. I failed in my campaign to find a mulch helper. At least the Sweet Peet is a pleasure to work with. It's good, honest dirt - no dyes or anything. It comes right off when I wash my hands.

Oh, and my minor thrill of the day so far came from seeing a honeybee. We mostly have bumblebees and yellowjackets (who are having a hard time staying away from me today), with a few other stinging insects thrown in for variety. I saw a honeybee on some sedum today, and it made me happy. At least one hive in the area was not totally devastated by Colony Collapse Disorder.

Have stayed away from my knitting so far today. I would stick a gold star to my forehead but it would drip down my face while I mulch.

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