Sunday, September 16, 2007

What a way to start the day

Zuzu woke me at 4:30 today, and allowed me to curl up on the couch until 6:00. (I think I earned extra time because it's so COLD COLD COLD COLD down here. - side note, after she ate her breakfast, she climbed into the papasan chair kitty trap, as she wanted to be covered by a blanket, too.) Anyway, I gave her breakfast, and turned on the radio. Not streaming, but WKSU - the NPR station. What came out of the speakers was not what I expect from NPR. Loud guitars, and Bruce Dickinson screaming, "666, the number of the beast." I move towards the receiver, to make sure that I've got the correct station. Yep. Somehow, I'd turned on NPR during the 30 seconds they were playing Iron Maiden.

After they turned the music down, the discussion involved the scrap of papyrus some archaeologists discovered indicating that the original mark of the beast was 616 not 666. Fun stuff. Turns out that the program was RadioLab, and I really enjoyed the second story, "Goat on a Cow." Probably would have enjoyed the third story, but was trying to track down the show info, as WKSU kept calling it Other Voices. Oh well. Will download the mp3 and listen later, when I'm fully awake and expecting Iron Maiden.

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