Friday, September 14, 2007


Backstory: I've been driving Mike's car, as the check engine light in mine came on the other day. The radio reception in mine is *much* better than in his, for whatever reason, so my music selection has been spotty, at best.

Anyway, this morning, while driving to work, I had one of those patchy radio moments, but a halfway decent song was nearing its end, so I listened. Well, as that song ended, the song that I'd been singing in my head for the past two days came on. The song from the mid-90s that is not really in everyone's playlist. I won't share it here, as it's a Guilty Pleasure (note capitals). Right as the song was fading out, the station that the radio was tuned to came in. Weird, eh? I was amused enough to post again today.

Wildlife moment of the day: Saw Grizzly Adams walking down the street.

Waiting for a computer to finish doing what it needs to do, so I'm babysitting here. Was amused because for a while I had four laptops lined up in a row, mine and three others. Okay, you've probably figured it out by now - I'm easily amused.

Anyway, there's still a chance I can catch the art museum before it closes. We'll see about that.

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