Sunday, September 30, 2007

Thanks, Zuzu

Zuzu allowed me to sleep in until 6:30 this morning. Actually, she would have let me sleep longer but I woke up and was worried since she wasn't pestering me to get up. Anyway, she has now eaten her breakfast, so kitty's life is good.

Worked on Stripey Sock 2 yesterday, and have gotten within two colored stripes of the heel. It's actually the only sock I have going right now, although I still have to make a second Royal Llama. Speaking of which, the place where I bought that yarn is going out of business. It's nice enough yarn that I might have to get more, and make my mom a sweater to match. Or hat. Perhaps a hat and mittens would be better. Danielle was over on Friday to help me tidy the craft room, and I measured her foot for socks, and she picked out a yarn. So I have another sock project. Although, really, as Mike asked for a hat, I should pick up the specified yarn for this hat (You mean I need more yarn??? Good!) and work on that before starting more socks, or at least starting another pair. Oh, and it's baby season again. I should work on some baby hats, as my friend Nancy is pregnant, as is my neighbor. Maybe it's time for a stash inventory.

Test drove a Corolla on Thursday. I liked it, but I think Mike is too tall. We'll have to go out there today so he can sit in it. What bothers me about Toyota is that the safety features (that are standard just about everywhere, I thought) are options. What do you mean that anti-lock brakes aren't standard? I thought they were required by law..... If there's a traction/anti-skid package offered, I want it, since I'll be on the road a lot this winter - in Cleveland. Lake effect snow, right? A former coworker recommended Subaru for their all wheel drive. Perhaps we'll check out a Honda dealer today as well, and maybe even a Nissan dealer (why not - they're not far from the Honda dealer). I can stop by Subaru on Monday after work, as there's a dealer not far from where I start my day.

Oh--wanted to share some silly kitty behavior. Friday morning, just after I'd posted, she became interested in something outside. I don't know what, but she was agitated, and running from one window to sliding glass door to another window and back again, all with a big puffy tail. I looked outside, but it was just dark enough that I couldn't see anything that would interest her. But she was definitely interested in something! I wondered if there was a kittyfriend out there somewhere. Or maybe she wanted to go deer hunting again. Don't know.

We are becoming consumers, at least of big-ticket items. Went mattress shopping yesterday evening, too. (Went to dinner at the Lizard after Mike and Chris brewed 12.5 gallons of Helles, and there is a mattress store next door.) I still like Tempur-pedic, particularly the Rhapsody bed. The Grand Bed is even better, but I don't know anyone who can justify spending over $6000 on a bed. I would love to, but we just don't have six figures worth of disposable income. But hey, there is interest-free financing on the Rhapsody (and probably the Grand, but still, that price is outrageous), so it could work.

Oh well, I should get moving. I have a stack of stuff to sell on eBay, and I'd like to get it posted today as there are no listing fees in September. Let's hope that someone wants my old cheezy romance novels!

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