Friday, September 14, 2007

Long day ahead - and help!

Long day ahead - and help!

Zuzu woke me at 4:15 today. It's better than 3:30, but still early.

Have to leave for work early to pick up a computer which now hopefully has a working hard drive, then install all the software that it needs to be useful. From there to a place where I get to uninstall everything and clean up several machines for resale. After that, hopefully I can swing by the art museum to see their photography exhibit (I always catch their shows on their last weekends, it seems!) and then meet a knitting buddy for the natural history museum lecture. We plan on knitting to fight extinction! Well, okay, the title of the lecture is "Fighting Extinction with Native Plants: A New Role for the American Garden." (I highly recommend the whole series.) I'm hoping to get some ideas of what to plant in my now-thinned-out flowerbeds.

In order to have mindless knitting for the lecture (and yes, I knit during the lecture - I am capable of multitasking!) I need to finish the toe of the second stripey sock this morning. I'm three pattern repeats into the second Malabrigo sock, so two more to go before turning the heel.

Oh - request for assistance. Can anyone recommend a *good* energy bar-type-thing? I picked up a variety at Trader Joe's last night. I need to keep a stack in my bag, as my new career seems to have many days of missed/not good lunches, and as many of you know, if I don't eat, I get cranky / dizzy / disoriented / etc. and then might melt down. Anyway, I'm looking for something that's not necessarily a meal replacement, but something to help keep my blood sugar from dipping to an unhealthy level. Most of the energy bars I've tried are very hard to stomach. (Was it a Power Bar that I took a bite, spit it out and threw the whole thing away?) I can take Larabars every now and then, but was on a Larabar kick for a while and ate too many, so they don't excite me anymore. Can anyone suggest something that they like? Thanks...

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