Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Monday

Haven't posted in a few days - been busy. Or just busy but not in an exciting and new way. Working a lot. Met with the knitting group tonight, and finished the Royal Llama sock. Posted a picture here since the group organizer demanded that I post one to the meetup site. Zuzu was being hammy, so I posted one of her as well. She loves her barstool!

What else? Stopped in at a book signing (purchased a signed book), and started the second stripey sock (again). Still working on the toe, and will hopefully finish it in the morning, as I doubt I can stay awake long enough tonight to do it. Mike is feeling miserable, and blaming me, since I'm the one that actually leaves the house, so if he catches a cold, I was the one who brought the germs in. Actually he's blaming me for taking him to Martin Sexton, as he probably caught the cold from someone in that room. Maybe it was from someone in the WineCave - did you ever think of that? Oh well. There is tea and juice in the house; he should survive.

Zuzu is giving me sleepy eyes, so I should probably go to bed. See, nothing exciting going on here.

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