Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I couldn’t resist...

I caved and started a Malabrigo sock this morning. Yes, I'm still working on the stripey socks, but the kettle-dyed merino wool was calling out to me. Cast on and did the first round before leaving, and then did a few rounds while sitting in stop-and-go traffic. Love the yarn, but the pattern reminded me of one reason I don't like top-down socks - during the first round, the sticks go everywhere! It's not so bad when you get started. (Other reason is picking up stitches. I still have not perfected that.)

Did a few rounds of the stripey sock while waiting for a client to finish up a meeting. Could have done more on the way home but tried to be a good, responsible, non-knitting driver.

I think my lack of sleep is finally catching up with me. I am *very* tired, but there's a lot to do. Laundry is first on the list, and if I feel energetic enough I'll figure out what plants I need for my flowerbeds. Otherwise, I'll just sit on the couch and knit while my washer churns.

Oh, I think I'm being told to be kitty furniture. Must sort laundry, then obey kitty. Meow!

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