Sunday, September 9, 2007

Home again

Got home from Pittsburgh not long ago. All I'll say about the wedding is that I'm glad we did things our way. Was surprised to see Mike's oldest brother and his wife there - apparently they are friends of the groom's parents.

Finished the first Malabrigo sock today, with the exception of closing the toe and weaving in the ends. *Love* that yarn. Must buy more, and make more socks (and other things) with it. Soft, warm, wonderful.

Made a scarf over the past two days (started at the Kirtlandia Society meeting, where we learned about meterorites in Antarctica) that I'm calling Cookie, as it's the color and furry appearance of Cookie Monster. Very cute. Will post a picture, as it amuses me to do so. The yarn kept tangling, so I finished the scarf so I could avoid untangling it again. Only one ball of yarn, so I can make a few more.

My sister is claiming the stripey socks as a Christmas gift. Still need to make the second sock. My mom offered to be a swift for my Royal Llama yarn (60% llama, 40% silk) which will most likely be socks for her. Wound two balls of it today. It's easier to wind when the yarn is being held by another person rather than my knees. Asked for a winder and swift for Christmas.

Knitting club tomorrow night; will probably start the second Malabrigo sock just because. May do a gauge swatch of the Royal Llama, because it seems like it would be nice to work with. May try to convert this pattern for that yarn because Mommie and I both really like the pattern, particularly in the solid yarn. Or, may just buy some finer sock yarn. Hmmmm.... Maybe the stuff that I bought at Miss Chickpea's would work for that. (Only problem with having them wind the yarn is that I don't know where the label ended up...)

What else? Zuzu was happy to see me. She licked my arm. Learned this morning that I can sleep in until 7:30 now if left to my own devices and am not disturbed by the kitty alarm. She woke Mike this morning. I'm glad to be home with my hungry kitty.

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