Monday, September 10, 2007

Quick update

Posted a picture of the Cookie Monster scarf, and the two unblocked socks. Stripey and Malabrigo. (Will someday add pictures to Flickr.) Started the second Malabrigo sock tonight at knitting group. Showed off my traveling stash as we were leaving. The Royal Llama went over well. They'll be coming over here in October for a field trip. We're going to Miss Chickpea's and then back here for pizza and beer. Fun!

Zuzu is being a talky toaster tonight. I love my kitty! She's been chasing red laser lights for a good bit of the evening. Mike's been playing with the laser level, making her pounce over pillows and stuff, and she attacked the beams that my camera uses to check lighting when I was taking the pictures I posted tonight.

Got a new catalog in the mail today - patternworks. It could be dangerous. Lots of yarn and stuff.

Oh well. I should deal with the laundry and go to bed.

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