Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two important things I learned in college

1. Speed is more important than legibility, as evidenced in my signature, and cryptic handwritten notes.

2. Everything I needed to know, I could have learned in the computer lab. I've been realizing lately that working in the Hoover Computer Lab was on-the-job training for what I'm doing now. Kinda depressing, but I don't really use my degree. Oh well. I still had fun getting it. No regrets.


Knitting update: Finished Malabrigo sock 2. LOVE the yarn. Will probably have to go get some manly-man colors so I can make socks for Mike. He's all about warm thick socks in the winter. Sock 2 is noticeably brighter than Sock 1, even though they were the same dye lot. Not a big deal, as I'm sure 2 will fade with washings, and even if it doesn't, they're for my feet only. Will post picture at some point.

Ripped out Stripey Sock 2, as I discovered that the "few flaws" weren't on the same side of the sock. Can't put the flaw on the bottom when both sides have small holes. Haven't restarted it yet, but will.

Started the Royal Llama sock for my mom. It's a wonderful yarn, very pleasant to work with - you can definitely feel the silk. I'm modifying this pattern, as I'm using a bigger yarn. I'm doing two pattern repeats rather than three on the top of the foot, and will add two stitches when I get to the top so I can do four repeats. Hopefully it will turn out well. I'm only three rows into the pattern so far. Did the toe last night while out with Mike (since he kept me away from my knitting group) and started the pattern this morning while on hold with Gateway. Actually, I wasn't on hold, just babysitting a computer to see when the error messages would pop up. I tried to amuse the woman on the other end of the line, but I'm just not that entertaining; I just like to think I am.

Oh well, maybe I'll work on the Llama sock while I babysit two computers. Oooh, one wants to restart! I need to do something! Excitement!

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