Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bite me

My wonderful friend Cathy is a Nerd. A Lowe's (Greenhouse) Nerd. She even has the T-shirt. On Tuesdays during the month of September, Nerds can buy blue-potted perennials for $2.50. Cathy went to Lowe's this afternoon, and bought out their stock of black-eyed-susan plants for me.I had a light afternoon of work, so I stopped by her house to pick them up. We had a lovely hour or two hanging out on her patio, watching the clouds and enjoying the beautiful day. I skipped the Cuyahoga Falls knitting group meeting tonight to plant my new perennials.

Went outside in a t-shirt and track pants, and got out the shovel and gloves. Dug up some bee balm, primroses, and kerria for a neighbor who has just been putting in beds, and then planted my 14 new flowers. Anyway, I play in the dirt, water my plants, and head inside to take a shower. Which is where I discover two %$&@($&$*(@ mosquito bites. One on my boob, the other on my bum. I was molested by mosquitoes. Through my clothes. (Obviously, as I rarely run around outdoors without clothes, and never in the front yard.) I don't understand it, but somehow mosquitoes always bite me on those pasty-white areas that are most always covered by clothing. Any ideas as to how or why?

My replacement Brittany needles came today. They sent me three even though only two had broken. Thank you Brittany Needles! Somehow they seem stronger than the first batch, although I haven't used them yet. Just happy to have them - I can start another pair of socks on size two needles! The beautiful hand-dyed yarn that I picked up at Miss Chickpea's looks like it would work on 2's, so maybe I'll start those.... But I should finish some current projects. Worked a bit more on the stripey sock today during the drive and while babysitting a computer. I need to finish the tote bag, as it's taking up a lot of room in the project bag. Also I may have a buyer. We'll see.

In the True Confessions department: I have been eating fast food. My lunch break is usually spent in transit, or trying to get things done, and I remembered that Burger King has a veggie burger on the menu. I have had two so far. No fries or other stuff, just veggie burgers. Does this make me a bad person? I kinda feel like it does. But I haven't found a $3 lunch anywhere else, unless I bring my own food. Plus there's a Burger King right across the street from where I work in the morning, so it's convenient for me to walk. I still feel guilty.

Bought some Jimmy Stewart stamps today. Walked to the post office, too, as it is very near where I spend my mornings. Oh well. I'm getting sleepy. Time to feed the kitty her second dinner, curl up with a book, and snuggle said kitty when she is done eating, so she can help me sleep. Night-night!

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