Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adventures at the yarn store

The yarn store (Stitch, Piece & Purl) is having their birthday sale today (25% off all in-stock products), so of course I had to be there.

Picked up a decent bit of yarn, and will post a picture if I can get my card reader to work.

New additions to the stash are as follows:

Sock yarn:

Regia Design Line - two colors of self-striping, one teal, grey, and blue with a hint of pink, the other dark blue, grey, and tan with hints of green, pink, and burgundy. 75% superwash new wool, 25% polyamide

Brown Sheep's Wildfoote Luxury sock yarn - Brown sugar. I've been tempted by this before, and gave in today due to the sale. 75% washable wool, 25% nylon

Other (I'm not sure yet) yarn:

Berocco Comfort - this may become socks after all. It feels like it would be wonderful to work with. Very soft, shades of green. 50% super fine nylon, 50% super fine acrylic

Malabrigo kettle-dyed merino wool - rainbow-hued, beautiful, soft wool. I've had my eye on this for a long time. They had a sock stitched up, so this may become socks, too. Nice, thick, cozy socks. For me. No one else. Be warned!

Rowan Tapestry Potpourri - a rosy, self-striping yarn. For whatever reason, I could not resist the pinkish shade. Will probably make a scarf for Mommie, as she likes pink. Or, perhaps I'll try socks. :-) It's probably a bit soft for socks, but hey, I'm on a sock kick. (No, really...)

Also picked up a drop spindle, as I've been thinking about trying spinning. A woman in my knitting group has some alpaca fiber ready to dye and spin, and she's going to share some with me. No better time to buy a spindle than when it's on sale.... Wish me luck!

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