Thursday, August 2, 2007

Organization and other stuff

Today was my first day as a consultant for my former employer. I was supposed to be there for three hours. I left after 6.5. Stopped by Costco on the way home (that place is *always* busy - don't people have to work for a living?), and picked up some fun cube-like shelf things. Put them together in my craft room (also known as Zuzu's Forbidden Room), and started sorting my yarn. At least the portion of my stash that was upstairs. Six cubes, distributed according (mostly) to projects in potentia:

1. Socks and scarves (slippers too)
2. Sweaters
3. Bags
4. Baby gift stuff
5. Scrap yarn for random stuff
6. Inheirited yarn from my sister's husband's grandmother.

6 can most likely be donated, as it's all *really* old acrylic yarn--so old that the labels don't include yardage, weight, a gauge, or anything, really. The labels say things like "make an afghan with three skeins." I doubt that I'll use much of the yarn, so I should just donate it to a group that makes projects for charity.

Have my scarf bag in my car. Gave my friend Cathy a fun scarf made with burgundy eyelash yarn mixed with a silver twine-like yarn. I loved it, and would have debated keeping it, but I have a habit of not accessorizing. A coworker gave me some jewelry she'd made as a goodbye gift, and it actually matched what I was wearing that day. I put on the necklace and earrings, but they didn't last long. The earrings lasted maybe an hour, the necklace a bit longer. The necklace finally pulled off when I was crawling on the floor trying to test a network cable. Thank goodness for magnetic clasps. Anyway, the jewelry is very pretty, but it will stay boxed up until I need to dress up for some reason yet unknown.

I did finish the bottle green Mosaic scarf, with the exception of weaving in the ends. Have lost the Mosaic scarf made from the reddish yarn - I know it's in the house somewhere, but I don't know where. Working with the perfect 4-yr-old girl yarn, to make my niece a hat. Will then probably start on the poncho, simply because it looks like fun.

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