Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Change in project plans...

Okay, so I was *supposed* to start on Kelly's socks yesterday when we were out. Silly me forgot two essential things to the pattern--a crochet hook and scrap yarn. I brought the pattern, and had even called Kel to confirm the size of her feet. That said, I didn't read the instructions and forgot to bring the supplies for the crochet cast on. At least I planned for my own incompetence and brought the yarn (and pattern, and needles) for another felted tote bag.

And no, I have not felted the Bigfoot socks. I realized that I had yarn in the same colorway that was designated for felting also--this time as an oven mitt and potholder. And as those items stitch up *very* quickly, I thought I'd try for efficiency and felt them all together. Both pieces are nearly ready for felting--just need to weave in the ends. Hopefully tomorrow I'll do that.

As for the tote bag, well, I've finished the base, and just need to pick up stitches around it before starting the stripey pattern. And the tote bag uses the same size circular needles as the potholder, which is why it came along, too--I had the needles in the project bag (aka ziploc) and I wanted to keep the needles with the project, at least for now....

Oh well--I should play with the kitty. And then get ready for work.... I really like this consulting thing.

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