Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Double the fun

Knitting group met tonight, at a little place in Berea. I'd recommended it, as I'd seen Brad Yoder there a few times. Turns out that there's a knitting group that meets there every Wednesday. So our group met another group. I think we were sitting at their table. The first pair walked in, and walked back out, and sat down outside. Other members came up, and at some point one woman pointed at us and made a face. Eventually they garnered enough courage to come in, and we all chatted a bit.

I finished Kelly's first sock today, while having an Ionic Detoxifying Foot bath. Could be quackery, I don't know, but it was free. Started out with clear water, and ended up with some disgusting stuff. I was hoping that it would suck out the toxins left by the mosquitos that bit me, but no such luck.

Started her second sock at knitting group, but had to rip it out as I wasn't paying enough attention. Toes and heels aren't the best social knitting. Worked on the tote bag, as everyone agreed that the mauvey-pink works with the blue and grey. Learned that tote bags are good car knitting - I pulled it out while sitting at a long traffic light and did a few quick stitches. It sat perfectly still in my lap until the next light.

Oh well. I should go to bed - have a long day tomorrow.

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