Monday, August 6, 2007

Making an old hiding place new again

Our lovely little girl went missing this morning. She followed us upstairs, but not back downstairs. We ate breakfast, and Mike watched an episode or two of Buffy, and no Zuzu. I decided that I was going to find our kitty.

I looked in our bedroom, under the bed, on and under blankets. Moved into the guest room, and the covers were smooth. Looked under the bed, no kitty. But wait! The fabric covering the bottom of the box spring has some holes. Zuzu has been known to climb in there and sleep as if she were in a kitty hammock. She was in there, not where she usually sleeps, but at the other end of the bed, above some of the boxes, mostly hidden.

Speaking of our kitty, I just paid off her medical bills. Her belly fur isn't completely filled in yet, but her surgeries are paid off. It's sad when you need to take out credit to pay for pet care. (Although with six-months-same-as-cash, it only made sense...) Let's hope we don't need to use that account again... (But they say it's a health care credit card, and can be used for human care as well as kitty care.) But Zuzu's care was worth every penny. She's definitely a lot healthier now, and very happy. (Now curled up on a blanket by the window.) (Okay, I'm probably obsessed, but she's adorable. Check out my pictures to see!)

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