Sunday, August 12, 2007

It’s sad what makes me sick nowadays

Worked on Kel's sock some more last night, when Zuzu told me that it was time for me to sit down and become kitty furniture. The heel is done. (Pictures are posted.) I think I will do ribbing for the top of the sock - If my notes are correct, she wants a short sock of something like 4". (Please correct me if I'm wrong!) That should be something like 28-30 rows, which isn't too bad. It will make the sock stretchy and snug.

Had too many brownies last night. Had a bit of beer, too, that Mike had poured before he left. Too much sugar, and I ended up queasy. Reminded me of the time that I was sick in a hotel room in Las Vegas. Phrasing it that way makes it sound like a stays in Vegas story, but I feel like sharing my geekiness anyway. It's more fun than weeding, and that's the first item on my to-do list.

Story goes something like this... I met Grandma in Vegas, and as I was younger and more able to deal with the heat, I explored around a lot more than she did. I discovered a giant Coke bottle called the World of Coke. Knowing that Grandma *loved* Coca-Cola products (I seem to recall at least one Christmas with Coke wrapping paper), I knew that she and I had to take the tour. (It also helped that they were handing out passes on the sidewalk, so it was free. Tangent: tourist-traps based on products and advertising should always be free. Shame on you Cereal City!)

Anyway, somewhere in the World of Coke was a giant cola machine, with flavors of Coke products from around the world. As we're easily amused (and it wasn't too crowded despite the free tickets), we tried lots of the varieties. I was very excited to see Tab on the list. For whatever reason, I'd thought they no longer made Tab. I remember drinking Tab as a kid, but it disappeared from the Pittsburgh market sometime in the late 80s after the introduction of Diet Coke. (Either that, or I just stopped noticing it.) I was so excited, that I filled my water bottle (something like 24 oz.) with Tab, and nursed it through the evening.

We got back to the hotel room, and it occurred to me that Tab is caffeinated. I had been off caffeine most of the summer, and I started feeling queasy. Hence the being sick in a Vegas hotel room. Anyway, I loved hanging out with Grandma. It was serious culture shock, though, as I'd spent the previous few days camping 30 minutes away from the nearest running water.

Oh well, I should attack the weeds in my flowerbeds. But I'd rather hang out with Grandma. I really miss her.

(For your amusement - the history of Tab:

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