Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sleeping in, sort-of

In a bit of a tizzy this morning, as I'm starting some "other" work and was not sure what time I needed to be there... I can stay at home a bit longer, so that is good. Guess I should have worked out this morning.

The moon was lovely last night. Almost called Mike to tell him, but thought that perhaps he'd be on his way home when it was at its most beautiful. He was not. I took some pictures, which I'm sure did no justice. May upload a few, depending if they look better on the computer screen than they do on my camera's LCD.

He was out with his beer buddies, I was out with my knitting friends, and Poor Lonely Zuzu was home alone not eating. I don't know why she's being so picky all of a sudden, but it seems she wants us to open a fresh can of food every time she's fed. Kitty, you start generating income and paying for your food, and you can have a fresh can three times a day.

Working on the stripey socks. Discovered (and would have realized, had I thought about it) that toe-up socks are not the best for stripey yarn. Will keep that in mind with the other stripey yarns I have.

Anyway, just got a phone call, so I'm on the road. Standard road kit will include laptop, cell phone and knitting. Fun!

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