Wednesday, August 1, 2007

First day of freedom

I am officially no longer employed. Yes, I have some consulting things lined up, but I am now an Independent Contractor. I am considering today a Saturday that conveniently falls in the middle of the week, so I can do things like go to the bank (and with Mike when he gets his driver's license renewed).

My agenda today:

1. Sleep in. Check - once Zuzu had roused me, I fed her and crashed again on the couch rather than get ready for work.
2. Find the checkbook. Done. Just had to follow the trail of clues and remember that Mike had used the checkbook last to pay for entries into the Ohio State Fair. Find the leftover forms, and find the checkbook.
3. Order Tori Amos tickets. I have a presale option through WYEP, so tickets to the Pittsburgh show go on sale at 9:00am. Task will be completed shortly after 9:00. I do not yet have a date - does anyone want to use the other half of my pair of tickets?
4. Laundry. It desperately needs done. Enough said.
5. Clean. Again, desperately needs done.
6. Weed. Can you tell I haven't devoted much time to household necessities lately?
7. Go to the library. Must return book, plus pick up the new Barbara Kingsolver that I'd requested.
8. Knit. If there's any time left, I'll start on my niece's hat and/or poncho. My knitting group meets tonight in Lakewood; perhaps I'll try to join them. Maybe Mike would like to go and hang out at the Beer Engine...

Fun, eh? I like life as a domestic goddess. I'd love to be a stay-at-home mom to Zuzu, but unfortunately she does not generate enough (any!) income for that, so I have to work to pay for her food. (And her medical care - and that bill is due soon!)

Oh well... I should do a few things before ordering tickets. Wish me luck in getting good seats! ended up with 6th row Orchestra - anyone want to come with me?

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