Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Truths of the kitty

1. Meow if you are hungry. Someone will prepare food.

2. Stare if you want to snuggle. The human furniture will adjust and provide suitable real estate.

3. Stare with big eyes if you want to play. A pouncing posture helps, too. A mysterious red light will appear and beg to be chased.

4. Announce yourself when entering a room, particularly if you want to play chase.

5. The blanket-covered ottoman is the best place in the house. Its only deficiency is a lack of sunshine.

6. The house is full of hiding places. There is always at least one place the humans will not think to look. Find it. Watch (and listen to) them search. Fun!

7. The recliner is mine. All mine. Don't even think about it. Stop thinking. Mine! That barstool by the window belongs to me, too. So is that sofa. Actually, everything is mine. Even you are mine, too. And your shoes. *Especially* your shoes.

8. There is something intriguing behind the television stand. It must be investigated every now and again, particularly when the humans are watching. Help them get their exercise by staying back there until they walk over to see what you're doing.


So she doesn't talk as well as these cats. She still gets her points across.

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