Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is why you should *always* carry a camera

Came home from exercising, getting ready to take a shower. Zuzu is laying in the hallway outside the bedroom (between Mike and me, as he's in the office), all stretched out, almost a running position. We make eye contact, and I toss a sock at her. It lands by her tail. I toss another sock. It lands by her head. I keep tossing socks to her, and she keeps watching, wondering if they are good toys. After I've thrown six socks (yes, I need to do laundry), I walk over, and pet her a little. She's relaxed, so I put a sock on her as if it's a mini blanket. Sock one, no movement. Socks two through six, and she just lays there. I go back into the bedroom, and Zuzu is just hanging out in the hallway, with half a dozen socks covering her from neck to back feet. My camera bag is downstairs, as is my cell phone. I know that if I walk past her and go downstairs, she'll follow me. So I go into the bathroom, and take a shower, and when I'm done, there are six lonely socks laying on the floor in the hallway. Silly me missed my chance to post a picture on stuff on my cat.

Anyway, I'm now to the heel in Kel's sock, as I did a few rounds this morning on the way to work. Socks aren't as car-friendly as tote bags, though.

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