Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wow! They shrunk!

Last night, I felted the Bigfoot socks and the potholder/oven mitt combo. The socks shrunk *A LOT*. They are now perfectly sized for my feet. I'll have to share a picture.

I'm currently on row 11 of a 94-row tote bag. The first contrasting stripe is done.

So I thought that my kitty was letting me sleep in this morning - from what I could see, the clock said 7:05 (which means 6:35). No such luck. I missed some segments, as when I got downstairs the clock said 4:45. Oh well. I fed my hungry kitty and we snuggled. Life is good. Now I need to clean the house.... There's a knitting meetup tonight, so I should get things in order before going. And I have packed all of the supplies for Kel's socks, so I could bring a smaller project bag. We'll see. I love working on tote bags because they seem to go so quickly. I love big needles. Maybe I need to make another alpaca blanket similar to the one Zuzu likes so much (see picture). Big blanket, something like three non-solid days of knitting.

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