Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is a knitting driver worse than a cell phone driver?

Today at work was a coworker's birthday. While the rest of us assembled in the conference room waiting for the guest of honor to arrive, we chatted about various things. We waited for what seemed an inordinate amount of time, and I remarked that I should go get my knitting. I mentioned that the tote bag I was working on was a perfect car project, and my coworkers seemed shocked that I would knit while sitting at traffic lights. (Yes, I did it again today - it works well! The bag is knitted in the round, so no row changes to worry about, and it's tall enough now that it sits still when I put it down.) I don't understand how that is somehow worse than reading the newspaper at stoplights, as one woman admitted to doing. But the biggest wrath of the day was reserved for Bluetooth users, particularly those who don't remove their earpieces when in meetings or talking to people in person.

Shameless plug of the day: Kitty Crack (Otherwise known as VitaKitty). Zuzu loves her chicken jerky!

Song of the day: "Sister Kate" by the Ditty Bops. I think I heard that they'll be in town soon - must find bar buddy to go (unless Mike can be convinced to join me).

Anyway, I should work on Kelly's second toe, so I have another low-attention project for the car!

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