Friday, August 31, 2007

Hungry hungry kitt-os

Fresh food rocks! Zuzu has been finicky lately, but this morning I gave her 1/3 (rather than 1/4) can of food fresh from the can, and she gobbled it down. Yum! Then she curled up on the blanketed ottoman to take a nap. My kitty has CPS - Chubby Puppy Syndrome. :-)

Met with some SAAZ members last night to discuss the newsletter, and I think I walked away the editor. I wasn't necessarily the last person standing, but more likely the last person to duck.

Was very unhappy, as two of my sock needles broke, and the shop was closed last night when we stopped on the way down to Akron. Must get replacement 2.75mm DPNs! Brought some additional yarn, but not enough accessories to actually start something else. Also, I want to try another pattern for that yarn - was hoping to get that at the closed shop, too. May try again today, as I simply cannot knit a sock with only 3 DPNs. Maybe I need to get circulars and try to learn magic loop or something.

Need to call this morning and schedule a mulch delivery for this afternoon. Hopefully work won't keep me very long (and hopefully they will have my check!). But if you see me online this weekend, tell me to stop wasting time and start mulching...

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