Friday, August 10, 2007

If only...

The rule in this household is that Zuzu does not get fed until after 5:00 (preferably 6:00, but that doesn't always work). So I tell her, no breakfast until Carl Kasell's on. I move downstairs between 4:00-4:30 (depending on when she starts prodding me to wake) and turn on NPR. When they switch from classical music to stories, I know I can feed her.

This morning, she was particularly insistent before 5:00, sitting on my chest and meowing directly into my face. I think she used her skills of kitty thought power to give me an idea of how she could fill her tummy before 5:00.

First, we'd need to be on "Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me" and win Carl Kasell's voice on our answering machine. Then, Zuzu would have to learn how to play the recording, so I could hear Carl Kasell before he was on the radio.

Think it can happen? She is a motivated kitty - particularly when she hasn't eaten for 8 hours..... Maybe she'll call Carl Kasell and ask for help. It might work, as she has a very persuasive meow.

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