Saturday, August 11, 2007

Domestic goddess time

Taking a short break, as one batch of brownies is in the oven, two loaves of beer bread are ready to go in, and a second batch of brownies will be assembled while the bread is cooking (the cream cheese needs time to soften; besides, I think the cheesecake brownies will stay here, and the others need to go to a party).

I just posted a picture of Kelly's sock so far. I'm not quite to the heel, but getting there. Will probably end up working on the heel tonight, so that it's ready to be a to-go project again. I should probably do a rib pattern above the heel, but we'll see. Maybe k4p4 would work - it's not so much switching back and forth. Anyway, I like the yarn. It's Swedish. Jarbo Raggi. It's not exactly stripey, at least not in the wide-stripe sort of way, but it alternates between dark purple and lavender. It's hard to see in the picture, but the colors shift between darker and lighter shades. I hope Kel will like them. If not, I'll keep them. I could just make more - the Raggi seems to be stitching up quickly. I love big yarn and big needles.

Posted two pictures of Zuzu to go with the two of the socks. She's gotten used to being my favorite subject, and is quite the ham. "Ham? You have ham?!?! Meow! Feed me! Meow! Meow!" No, kitty, I don't have ham. *You* are the ham, and it's only fitting with as much of a little piggy as you've been recently. It's one of the words she knows, courtesy of my father-in-law. And as Tom would say, "Zuzu, could you kill a pig?" She's wanted to go deer hunting on occasion; she's very interested when we have deer in the back yard or across the pond.

Okay. Bread is in the oven. Brownies are on the stove. Used my felted potholder and oven mitt to remove them from oven. They worked well, which is good, as several family members will be receiving them for Christmas. More people, perhaps, as they're inexpensive (actually cheaper than some scarves) and *very* quick to make.

Oh well. Mike's ride will be here in 90 minutes. He's going to a party without me. I wouldn't mind going, but it's a big blowout sort-of thing, and I prefer parties where they have real toilets and not portapotties. Especially at night. I can deal with the transitory water closets when I can see what I'm doing, but not when it's pitch black, and many other people have also not been able to see what they're doing. Plus my dad will be visiting tomorrow night, and I want to try to put the house in order before he shows up. Cleaning is not fun when one is hung over, and it's too tempting to drink too much at that party. Happy housekeeping!

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