Sunday, August 5, 2007

General whatevers - nothing exciting

Today when I woke up, I felt like I'd been beaten during the night. No clue why, or how, but I was sore. It's not quite as bad now, but was yucky this morning. Maybe we just need a new mattress.

Just finished the hat and mittens for my youngest niece, to match the set for her older sister. (I ought to post pictures, as they're really cute!) I think 2 is a bit too young for a scarf, so she'll have to wait on that. (The 4-yr-old was ecstatic to get a scarf, gushing, "I've never had a scarf before! Now I'll have something to keep my neck warm in the winter," and wearing it around the house for longer than necessary for a July evening.) I might start ponchos or socks--actually, I should do the toe of a sock so that I have a to-go project that doesn't really require counting until it's time for the heel. Gave away the bottle green Mosaic scarf to another knitter who is willing to weave in the ends. I opened my project bag to give her a business card, and she was smitten with the scarf. Will soon felt the Bigfoot socks--wish me luck that they shrink as much as they need to.

Went to the Hudson farmers' market yesterday, picked up some yummy veggies. Made salsa today, will soon make some tomatillo salsa as well. Corn probably for dinner, too. Stopped at Miss Chickpea's Funky Fibers and browsed a while. They had some gorgeous yarn, but I should really avoid purchasing anything new for a while. I want to sign up for their Continental knitting class, as it's a lot more efficient to knit that way. I missed the July sessions, but it will be offered again in the fall.

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